Hi, I'm Amber! I am a SoCal photographer located in the heart of OC. I am also a wife, mom to an adorable little boy, and a piano teacher. I absolutely love being outdoors (hence why most of my photography is done outdoors-because what better lighting than natural!) and that is actually where my love of photography began. As a little girl my Papa would give me his camera and let me take photo's of whatever caught my eye. Whether it be the rushing falls of Yosemite, the sparkling water in Lake Arrowhead, or the sleeping lions of Kenya Africa after a long awaited rain I was always looking and showing life through his lens. As I grew and purchased my very own camera I started to fall in love with capturing people and their every day lives. I occasionally would ask them to stop and look at the camera and smile or pose them with friends or family.  My first big shoot was doing newborn photo's of my beautiful niece, which then turned into family photo's, engagements and weddings. I have loved capturing photo's of children over the years as well because my heart has always been with children. Having been a nanny I would surprise the families I nannied for with portraits of their children for gifts. I now have turned that love of working with children beyond the camera into teaching piano which allows my love of art to flow through in another beautiful way. 


I have always believed that photo's are a precious moment captured in time and one photo can tell so many stories. I love looking at old photographs of family or even people I don't know and wonder what was going through their heads or lives at that time and what made them choose to get their photo's taken. As a wife and parent I now know firsthand the joy it brings to have beautiful photo's captured of my loved ones and it makes my passion of capturing beautiful moments for my clients even more precious to me.